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At the Spotted Pig Company - incorporating Hazlieburn Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs - we wish to share with everyone the wonderful taste of fantastic pork. Reared outside on lush grass and woodland, our pigs are cared for to the highest standard and have a full and happy life. We believe that gives them the most amazing taste. With this in mind we can organise your event, providing a fantastic hog roast and full catering service throughout Scotland and the north of England.

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About Me

"I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals."

Winston S Churchill
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This is me

Spotted Pig Company, incorporating Hazlieburn Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs, is run by me Lisa McCaig and I live in the Scottish Borders village of West Linton. I have over 25 years of experience in the event planning and catering industry and can provide hog roasts, for any size and type of event.

Why I Pigs

After my dad won 2 Kune Kune weaners in a charity auction I decided that pigs weren’t really that hard to keep! I had also wanted to keep Gloucestershire Old Spots since I was very young and decided these were the pigs for me. And so I started keeping pigs in May 2008 and currently stock 4 sows (Ellen Line, Princess Freda & Dahlia) and a Patrick boar.

Where pigs can be pigs

I am very lucky to have a gorgeous Gloucestershire Old Spot boar. He has proved to be terrific at giving us very large litters, the last two being 15 and 19! They are a great breed full of character and produce fantastic meat. I currently sell half my weaners & keep the rest for meat sales or hog roasts.

And the kids

Keeping pigs is a great way to teach children where meat comes from. The kids follow the pigs through from birth to loading for the abattoir (they have been spared the abattoir run, so far!). They help with feeding, scrubbing, moving and the other messy jobs and enjoy it too.


How may I help you today?

Buy a Piglet Scheme

About the Scheme

If the idea of eating your own rare breed, free-range pork appeals to you and you would like to own your own pig but don't have the time or space to care for it, we can arrange to look after it for you.

How it works

We will send you monthly photographs of your piglet and update you on its progress. You can even come and visit (subject to prior arrangement). At the end you get to choose what you would like to get back from your pig and how you'd like the meat butchered. It only takes 6-7 months before you have a freezer full of succulent, mouth-watering pork, with the added bonus of knowing exactly how & where it came from. You can even share a piglet with a friend and split the cost.


There is no capital outlay as all equipment is provided by us. We will deal with all the paperwork required for your piglet, medicines, movement records, etc. No vet bills as we will take care of these, if required. In the unlikely event that your piglet becomes unwell and dies, we will replace him/her with another pig of the same breed so your investment is safeguarded.


You may miss the day to day contact with your piglet and of course there will be no excuse to buy the farmer's cap, wellies and waterproofs!



Don’t just take my word for how good our hog roasts, livestock & products are, here’s some feedback from a few of our customers

Jean Hewat

Thank you for the delicious pig and the wonderful team which you sent over to serve it. They were all super helpful and it was so good to know that I could just leave the serving and washing up in Louise and Hannah's hands - they were absolutely brilliant. Your husband did a fantastic job at the kitchen sink too, (as well as the hog roast)!

James Nicholson

Thank you for the wonderful hog roast you did for our house warming. Everyone loved it. Your staff also did a fantastic job at clearing up which was a fantastic help.

Fiona Reynolds

Wheeled in, wheeled out, no fuss, no mess and tasted absolutely amazing. Wish we could have a hog roast every week! Wonderful job from Lisa and her team. Well done.


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    At least its not raining today!!! The wind is picking up though so no doubt we're in for another loaded storm. Hazels piglets are a week old...

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    8 little piggies! Only took 2 hours from start to finish. Hazel did a fantastic job. Bacon sandwich anyone!!!!!!!

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I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and besides, the pig likes it.

George Bernard Shaw


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Contact me to find out more about our hog roasts, livestock for sale, Buy a Piglet scheme and /or local produce.